Trendy Ideas to Decorate the Above Bed Decor 

Bathroom wall design ideas

A myriad of modish option is available when you think about ideas for the above bed design. Above the bed, decor utilizes various elements such as vintage mirror art, a standout painting in a peerless frame. Many other ideas give an elegant touch to your bedroom. You can explore through knowing some ideas that add a dazzling effect. Jazzing up the above bed space, fetch an abundance of positive vibes and countless energizing elements.

Top 12 above bed décor ideas

Mural art

Is a famous art that always stays high in demand. Murals consider being exquisite art. It is painted or affixed on the above bed wall. The art represents scenery, modern art, images of Buddha, and a lot more. Designing the mural art on the focal wall with exhibit the essence of life. Showcases simplicity in your bedroom.

Feature natural botanical art

The modest and charming biotic art is being fascinating all from Victorian times. The beauty depicting timeless age and positive vibes signifies a graceful gallery. The images given below show the true loveliness of wall art. Perfectly matching with room décor. Going for vintage bedroom décor enables an astonishing look to the room.

Exclusive craft display

The best above bed wall décor idea suggests attractive craft art. Garnish the focal wall with colorful crafts is a cherry on a piece of cake. Craft décor in different shapes and sizes give new life to the room. The refreshed color brightens your dull day and is convenient to install.

Fix a shelf above the bed

Many people desire to keep it simple and purpose on the above bed wall. Fixing a shelf according to your preferred size allows you to store the books, magazines that you like to read before sleep. The shelf above the bed appears more practical and useful. Experimenting with different style and sizes of shelves bring uniqueness and grace to the room.


Affixing wallpaper that suits the room décor is just perfect. Besides, it fits in your pocket. A wide range of wallpaper décor is available in the market. That adds beauty to your wall behind. Go for bold floral, tropical scenery, or geometric design. It looks amazing and pops up some energy when you enter the bedroom room.

Tapestry for the wall

A hefty handwoven fabric with striking pictorial designs depicts peace and stability in life. Hang the tapestry to the wall or just cover the focal wall with the tapestry. The enormous texture and prints of the art complement the bedroom wall completely. Tapestry upgrades the richness of the room. Meanwhile, features the glory and the beauty of history.

Go for tribal art

An excellent art décor that appears fabulous is Tribal art. Tribal art never goes out of fashion. A mixture of various colors with unique patterns depicts human life. This art creates a perfect ambiance and mood.

Upholstered panels above bed wall

Planning like a hostel-like bedroom, opting to upholster is right for you. Fixing upholstered décor on the featured wall oozes the glamour of the room. Having unholster on the above bed wall benefits in a taller and bigger appearance. The style is perfect for low-ceiling rooms and also best for smaller bedrooms.

Dress up the wall with trendy plates

Another easy-to-do décor gives a different and peppy feel to the wall. Display a few plates on the focal wall with contemporary designs. Dress up the wall by pairing it with strips and other wall hanging. It’s always fun to do a bit of experiment with these styles. Stick plates featuring images of birds, flowers, any art form or simple pop up colors. Increase fun part of your life with trendy and crazy handmade designs.

Light decor

if you don’t wall to go with any above styles. The chic solution to style the by decorating with the light décor. Choose an industrial-style based light décor, a vintage glass pendant. Wall light seems practical and gives a cozy feeling to the room. You can add lights on both sides of the bed.

Huge-octane headboard

Bigger is always better. A headboard running wide on the above bed is an apple of the eye. Fixing a sober wallpaper behind the headboard augments the beauty and allows a pleasant view. Lights around the headboard heighten the whole ambiance and give a lifetime enrichment.

Mirror decor

Decorative mirrors of different styles and sizes escalate the visual of the room. Mirrors in stunning, eye-catching frames enable beauty to reach a higher level.


Bathroom wall design ideas fulfill the dream of a bedroom you have always desired. Trying out the above ideas will achieve long-lasting satisfaction.

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