Modern Colonial House Interior Design Ideas

Modern colonial house interior design

The modern colonial homes have been the first choice for all home buyers when looking for a luxurious but classic home. The style originated in 1876, and since then, you can see numerous houses being constructed in this architecture.

If you are fond of colonial-style homes and want to make one for yourself, this article will help you get started. Sit back to discuss what every room should look like and get your home designed.

Let’s start by knowing the history of colonial home designs.

The History of Colonial Designs

Colonial designs originated in the Europe, in countries like England, Spain, and France. These countries were always fond of creating new architectural designs and came up with creative ideas. When people started coming to America as a new land, they brought their culture and design styles to the country, and that’s how American colonial design homes got a head start.

If you’ve observed colonial styles for some time now, you’d know that these homes are all about simplicity and elegance, they ooze elegance and luxury in all forms, and anyone would love to live there. So, let’s move ahead and make a loving colonial house for you.

Colonial House Interior Design

Exterior & Entry

A modern colonial house is not only colonial from the inside, but it all starts with the house’s exterior. The exteriors set the stage and make the place unique from traditional homes. 

If you have ample space and want to make a colonial home, get the landscaping done and create a bespoke garden. These homes often come with open garden areas that can be accessed from multiple points. The garden can also have various sitting spots with wooden furniture where you can enjoy your evening tea in style.

Another feature to add to your colonial house is a personalized entryway. The entryway is where your guests will come and meet you for the first time, and that point should make them excited to explore the house and leave a lasting impact. The entryway should have a grand staircase that flaunts the second floor and invites the guests to explore the upper part of the house, where you have your balconies and luxurious bedrooms.

Living Room

living room colonial interior design

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In any home, the living room is the most happening place, and it is here where you’ll host parties and meet and greet with your friends or have a cozy Sunday with your family members. 

A fireplace is a must for all colonial homes, and it is more like an identity to the houses. So, make sure to include a wooden fireplace on the side of your living room to give a luxurious yet classic touch. You should consider decorating the fireplace with antique things and collectibles to make it more attractive and nicely blend it with the room. 

Moreover, it is mandatory to use textures and wall paintings to highlight the elegance and make the walls attractive. Living rooms are often connected to the outdoor garden with oversized doors or windows that go from the side of your room.

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Colonial kitchens are large, and they also continue the antique yet luxurious look. These kitchens should always have a prominent dining place, and the dining table should have enough chairs to accommodate the family gatherings, you host. 

Colonial kitchens should be decorated with antique chandeliers that ooze luxury and elegance while being practical. All the cabinets should have a wooden finish, and they should have glass inserts to make them look more elegant. Moreover, there should be a center island where your stove will be placed, and in the surroundings, you can have cabinets and drawers that store necessary cutlery. You can also go for island tops of marbles and other such precious stones to add luxury to your kitchen area.


Like all other home architectures, bathrooms are considered crucial in modern colonial houses. As it is the most used room on the entire property, it should be practical and straightforward. Decorate it with artistic mirrors and taps to give a colonial look to your bathroom. You should consider applying tiles that match the house’s vibes and choose wooden furniture for storage.

There are no empty ceilings in these homes, and bathrooms are no exception. To make your bathroom beautiful, find a vanity box that’s made for your home, and place it in the bathroom. You can use chandeliers to provide an elegant and luxurious look to the bathroom and add to its appeal.


Bedrooms are the place where you can do most experiments. Your walls should be painted in light colors, and there should be enough antique items and paintings that cover your walls. 

Your bedroom should have wooden storage items like a wardrobe, tables, dressers, and small drawers, and everything should follow the same color theme to make the perfect interior.

The center of your bedroom should have a huge colonial-style bedframe with curtains and drapes hanging from the sides. You can also decorate the bedroom windows with curtains that are similar to the bed frame ones and create a grouping effect in the room. 

By now, you have a significant idea of how to turn your home into a colonial house, so why wait? Get started today, and live like a king.

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